Customer voice should inform product

“There are many inputs into a product roadmap, but the customers voice should inform all of those inputs.”

-Jeff Gardner, Director of Customer Support @ Intercom

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Build a habit-forming product

“Companies must understand the mechanics of habit-formation to increase engagement with their products and services and ultimately help users create beneficial routines.”

-Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

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Niche to win

“The secret is to find your Niche — that initial <customer segmentation + product differentiation> combo that enables you to just barely beat your more established, mature competition with a much crappier product.

This strategy is called “Niche to Win“.

-Dave McClure, Founder @ 500 Startups

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Approach excellence through testing

“Establishing a culture of optimization really starts with having an attitude of never being satisfied […] We strive for excellence in our work, and we have found that one of the quickest ways of approaching excellence is through testing”.

-Tim Eyre, COO @ Big Leap

Develop a culture of optimization

“For a mature and well-run product organization, the concept of optimization should be applied to every business process to gain optimal benefits. Whether it is your team, funnel, or website that you’re optimizing, you can be sure of making a bigger bang for the buck.”

-Vaishali Jain, Content Marketer @VWO

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Build One Product

“A good company builds one product, learns from its customers, and iterates to make that product exceptional. Each step in the process is designed to refine a product and find the often elusive “product/market fit” that is the basis for all successful startups.”

-Ben Einstein, Founder + partner at @BoltVC

Figure Out What’s Important

“Your job is to figure out what’s most important right now, what’s on fire, what’s most important for getting the company to its next milestone, lean into what’s working well, and then simplify and clarify the few goals and metrics that your entire company should align on.”

Jason Cohen, founder @ WP Engine & Smart Bear Software

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