Tips for being an effective growth hacker

  1. Listen and suggest
  2. Be accessible
  3. Use scalable techniques
  4. Deliver content quickly
  5. Roll with the punches
  6. Nurture prospects effectively
  7. Be as niche as possible

-Neil Patel, Co-Founder @ Crazy Egg and Hello Bar

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Get away from the screen

“Knowing your customer is important before you can sell anything to them. And it’s hard to do that from behind a screen, even if you’re basing your assumptions on data.”

-Felix Thea, Founder @

Develop a culture of optimization

“For a mature and well-run product organization, the concept of optimization should be applied to every business process to gain optimal benefits. Whether it is your team, funnel, or website that you’re optimizing, you can be sure of making a bigger bang for the buck.”

-Vaishali Jain, Content Marketer @VWO

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Content marketing works

“Like a bank account that starts out small and earns incremental gains, but over time becomes quite large, content marketing efforts require consistent investment but ultimately can yield enormous results.”

-Tomasz Tunguz, VC @ Redpoint

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