Develop a culture of optimization

“For a mature and well-run product organization, the concept of optimization should be applied to every business process to gain optimal benefits. Whether it is your team, funnel, or website that you’re optimizing, you can be sure of making a bigger bang for the buck.”

-Vaishali Jain, Content Marketer @VWO

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Get to the point!

“Your superiors, customers, VC’s and whatnot usually don’t have much time. Further, they’ve had all the niceties thrown at them. Just say what you want. There is always a fear of being too direct and potentially screwing something up. Trust me…you will never get in trouble asking for what you want. If the other party is offended that you didn’t include enough niceties then you may need to rethink the relationship.”

Paul Jozefak, Co-Founder & Managing Dir. @ Liquid Labs

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Compensation Strategy

  1. Make It Scale – Try as best we could to create resources that could scale 1:many, especially outside of the Bay Area.
  2. Put It In Front of the “Paywall”– Don’t make it about what we can do for startups post-investment — there’s plenty of work we do there, most which doesn’t scale infinitely — but try as best we could to give it away for free.
  3. Catalyze It, Don’t Own It – Put work out there but don’t seek to own it. Leverage the community to help us improve it over time.

Hunter Walk, Partner @ Homebrew

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Figure Out What’s Important

“Your job is to figure out what’s most important right now, what’s on fire, what’s most important for getting the company to its next milestone, lean into what’s working well, and then simplify and clarify the few goals and metrics that your entire company should align on.”

Jason Cohen, founder @ WP Engine & Smart Bear Software

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